Tyre size up to 2 inch bigger now allowed in Victoria

VSB15, also known as the National Code of Practice for light vehicle construction and modifications, has been endorsed by the state and territory vehicle registration authorities including Vic Roads.

A new document, VS108, for Victoria covers many modifications under the NCOP VSB14 such as engines, exhausts, transmission, protrusions and fuel systems just to name a few. The main items we wish to bring your attention to are the references to ESC in sections 13.3 and 13.7 of VSI09 plus also section 2.6 of VSB14.

Raising of Four Wheel Drive Vehicles:

Alternative to VSB14 modification code LS. This is for offroad type 4WD vehicles of ADR Category NA, NB1, MC or MD. These categories cover popular 4WDs such as Hilux, Land cruiser, Patrol, Prado just to name a few but do not include compact SUVs.

This now allows a combination of suspension lift and the fitting of larger diameter tyres that results in a total lift of up to 75mm without the need for the testing and certification normally required by VSB14 for lifts above 50mm provided certain requirement are met. The vehicles suspension travel in either direction is retained. We do recommend you consult the VSI08 documents for full clarification.

Tyres up to 50mm larger in diameter than that of any tyre designated by the vehicle manufacturer to that model may be fitted provided:

  • The entire cross section is covered by the vehicles bodywork in plain view with the front wheels in the straight ahead position: and
  • The tyres do not foul the bodywork or any suspension or steering components any circumstance.
AuthorLi Xia