This is a semi major update with useful new features and bug fixes. Most noticeable improvements are the return of the Find by City feature, individual track segments plus Route/location icon colour options. If you have any questions, drop us a line

New Features

• "Find by City" feature is back. Menu > Find Places > By City.

• Tracks are now displayed as individual segments.

• Added the ability to change Route and Location icon colours. 5 new colours available. Menu > Settings > GPS location colour. Please note, red is still the only route colour for SmartTOPO, unfortunately, it doesn't not support other colours.

• Added the ability to change Live Track colour from settings screen.

• Compass is now much smaller.

Issues Fixed

• Fixed an issue with downloading large amounts of tracks from

• Colour of the live track does not display correctly.

• Stability improvements.

• An issue where speed display does show 0 even though you have stopped.

• Tap to zoom no longer disables moving map mode.

• Viewing saved tracks may crash the app.

• On rare occasions, uploading / downloading pins will crash the app.

• Settings are remembered after a restart or crash.

• Deleting may maps can crash the app.

• Stability improvements.

PLEASE NOTE: 3.5.3 requires iOS 5.1 or newer.

This update is free for existing Mud Map HD customers, available from the App Store now. Click here to update to Mud Map HD 3.5.3

AuthorLi Xia
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