This update includes 5 new frequently requested features along with the a heap of bug fixes. Keep that feedback coming guys, enjoy!

New Features

  • Auto prompt to change map when your location travels outside of map coverage.
  • View saved tracks on any map.
  • Added Delete All Pins / Tracks feature.
  • Save / Restart live track controls added to the main Map View for convenience.
  • Quickly drop a Pin from the Map View.

Issues Fixed

  • Landscape mode now works with iOS 6 on iPhone.
  • Viewing saved tracks repeated no longer crashes the app.
  • Selecting a Pin or Start/End point of a track as a destination doesn’t crash the app.
  • Live Track spiking issue on Raster maps.
  • Navigation bar doesn’t disappeared after changing to another map in View Track Screen.
  • When selecting a raster map from library, default view is now the centre of the map.
  • Pin/Track/Destination info pop up remains upon interaction on Apple map layers.
  • Smoother compass rotation animation.
  • Fixed an issue where downloading tracks occasionally crashed the app.
  • Fixed an issue causing the app to crash when selecting maps from the library on iPhone.

Mud Map HD 3.5.4 is a free update for existing users and is available from the App Store

AuthorLi Xia