Lots of questions pouring in to our support team about how to use Mud Map HD to find Offroad tracks and trails, so here's a tutorial on how to use this great feature.

For this tutorial, we are using Mud Map HD 3.5.3 on and iPad.

Mud Map HD is available from the App Store

Step 1 - Know what you are trying to find.

Know the name of the track, trail, road or street you want to find. And the State it's located in.

Step 2 - Run Mud Map HD

Start Mud Map HD on your iPad and go to Menu > Find Places.

Step 3 - Select State

Tap on State and select the relevant state.

Step 4 - Select Track

Tap on Track and enter the name of the track, trail, road or street.

HINT: As you type, suggestions appear in the results. This is handy if you are not sure on the spelling.

Step 5 - Select crossing (optional)

Use the crossing feature to find a junction. This step is optional.

Step 6 - See the destination on the map

To see the destination on a map, tap done.

From here you can tap the triangle and get a route to that destination or save it as a Pin.

Hoped you enjoyed the tutorial, if you have any questions or would like more tutorials, leave a comment below.

AuthorLi Xia
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