OziExplorer CE (Ozi CE)is the off-road GPS software used on the Mud Map M7. This gives the M7 the ability to use the huge range of Ozi CE compatible 4WD maps. In this week's tip, we are going to provide a step by step tutorial on how to do this.

What digital map formats are compatible with OziExplorer CE?

Ozi CE is compatible with Ozf2 and Ozfx3 digital map files. Every map is made up of 2 files, the ozf2/ozfx3 image file and an accompanying .map data file. Both files must be in the same directory and have the same file name for the map to work. 

Good news is that most digital maps are produced to be used with Ozi CE so all you need to do is copy files to the sd card. If your maps are in a different format, i.e. GeoTiff (.tif), use the IMG2OZF tool to convert them into the ozfx3 format.

Copy maps to a micro sd card

The M7 accepts the micro sd standard of up to 32GB in storage capacity. Micro SD cards are available from all good retails such as JB hifi, Dick Smith or Office works to name just a few.

1. Insert the SD card into your PC via a card reader and make a folder on the root directory named MAPS (upper case). 

2. Copy ozf2/ozfx3 and their corresponding .map file into this directory.


Adding maps into Ozi CE on the M7

Now it's time to let Ozi CE know the where abouts of these maps.

1. Once map files are on the SD card, put the card into the M7, then start Ozi CE.

2. Go to Map > Index maps. This tells ozi to load additional maps that's on the sd card.

Select Maps > Index

Select Maps > Index

Now you should be ready to Rock and Roll. Use the Change Maps + or - buttons to switch between different maps while on the go.

NOTE: If you don't want to put maps in the MAPS directory on the sd card, you have the flexibility to put them anywhere on the SD card. Then tell OziCE where to look for these maps by setting up the path. To do so, go to File > Configuration > Map & Data files. Setup up a new path to the directory where you map files are stored.

Australian 4WD Maps available in OziExplorer CE format

4WD off-road maps already included with the Mud Map M7:

Here's a list of digital 4WD maps available in OziExplorer CE format. Click the the product to see more info or place an order:

Hema maps - Australia 4WD raster map collection.

Spatial Vision - Detailed Topo maps of Victoria. 

LPI - Detailed Topo map of NSW.

Greg Harewood - Detailed Topo maps of Western Australia.

Hema maps - Great Desert Tracks .

If you know of any other 4WD maps available in Ozi CE format, let us know by leaving a comment below.


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