What's new in Mud Map 4.2?

Keep all of your trip data backed up with auto sync. 

Keep all of your trip data backed up with auto sync. 

Auto sync

- All of your data from your account automatically syncs with your iPhone and iPad and vice versa. This means you will always have a backup of your pins, tracks and routes. So even if you loose your device or get a new one, you can easily find all of your trip data stored safely on your account.  


Send info to our mapping team directly from the App

- You can now send your routes directly to the Open Street Map platform from your app, allowing our mapping team and other members of the mapping community to verify map data and add additional tracks that you drove.  Be a pioneer and discover new tracks that are not on the map. Then send them over to the mapping team for them to add to THEMAP as part of the free monthly map updates.  

Trip Folders

- you can now organise all of your data into neat trip folders. Planning an epic trip to Fraser, High Country or Cape York? Now you can store all the relevant pins, routes and tracks together under a trip folder allowing you to easily access your information in one place.    

AuthorMaria Oanca