Map Data version: Australia - 04 April 2013

The first map update of THEMAP, Australia is available for free now. Follow these instructions to download the update.

1. Start Mud Map 2 on your iPad or iPhone.
2. Go to Menu > Maps > Download Maps.
3. Under "vector map" category, you should see THEMAP - Australia 04 May 2013.
4. Tap Options > Download. then following the on screen prompts to download the map update.

5. Once downloaded THEMAP can be used offline, no connectivity required.

Community Contributions

THEMAP is made by a community of 4WD enthuriests just like yourself. Thank you to all those individuals that contributed data in April. Thank you from all of us in the community. 

Join the mapping effort, click here to learn how to get involved.

5,570 new 4WD / Off-road vehicle Track segments

9,950 new Road segments

568 new Hiking trail segments

5,702 Campsites

710 Caravan Parks

Check out the BEFORE and AFTER shots for the Barrington Tops NP. A significant improvement has been made to POI information and tracks in the area. A big shout out to everyone that has contributed to map data this month. A special thank you to our good mate Nathan Van Der Meulen for all of his hard work and excellent contribution.

BEFORE: A section Barrington Tops NP before the update

 AFTER: A section of Barrington Tops NP after the update

AFTER: A section of Barrington Tops NP after the update

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