July map update to THEMAP is now available for free. Follow instructions below to download the update.

Map update instructions:

  1. The update is 123mb, we recommend download it over a fast wifi connection.
  2. Start Mud Map 2 on your iOS device.
  3. Go to Menu > Maps > Download maps.
  4. Select THEMAP - Australia 01 July 2013.
  5. Tap Options > Download.
  6. Once the download is complete, it's ready to use offline.

Get involved, get mapping!

THEMAP is made by a community of 4WD enthusiasts just like yourself. Thank you to all those individuals that contributed data during June. Thank you from all of us in the community. 

The community is keen to have more of you guys on board and help map out Australia. Click here to learn how to get involved.

What's new in this map update?

During the month of June, the community has contributed a tremendous amount of map data. 

Regions of significant improvement: 

Click on a region to view the changes on THEMAP.



The numbers:

  • 7,026 - New - 4WD / Off-road vehicle Track segments
  • 11,936 - New - Road segments
  • 1,570 - New - Hiking trail segments
  • 2,629 - Fuel stations

Got a question? Get in touch with us.

It's been our pleasure to bring all of you this map update.

Li, Maria & the Mud Map team.

AuthorLi Xia