Click the map image to view this map online

Click the map image to view this map online

Westprint maps has just release Edition 2 of their popular Simpson Desert map

Ed2 features significant improvements in the NT section of the North Simpson desert. Madigan's campsites and the route he took as the first non aboriginal to cross the desert is now highlighted.

There is also permit information included for the North Simpson area - this part of the desert had largely been a no go zone, but has recently been opened up to tourists to a limited extent.

Simpson Desert Map - Edition 2 is bundled with the Mud Map 2 iPhone iPad app and is also available for $9.99 from as a digital download. 

For existing Mud Map 2 app customers, it's available for free as a map update. To download this map, go to Menu > Maps > Download maps and follow the instructions. We also recommend deleting the Edition 1 map.

AuthorLi Xia