When it comes to choosing a GPS for your 4WD, there’s no shortage of options on the market. The most popular being...

  • Tablet
  • Smartphone
  • In dash
  • Portable

Now there may well be good reason to choose one over the other for your particular case, this article focuses on tablets, which we believe is the best 4WD GPS for majority of 4WD enthusiasts.

2 reasons to choose a tablet are screen size and ease of use. Advantages of a large screen for mapping and navigation is obvious. A larger screen lets you see more of the map, which is a god send for planning 4WD trips. Modern tablets are also extremely user friendly thanks to excellent touchscreen interfaces.

Mud Map is a 4WD mapping app company. We have been developing 4WD GPS software since 2010. Developing mapping apps require lab and real world testing of software on all types of hardware. Our recommendations are a result of actual first hand experience with these devices in the field. Over the past decade, we have tested 50+ GPS devices from a range of brands and have come to the conclusion that the iPad mini is the best 4WD GPS.

iPad mini is the best 4WD GPS for 2 reasons...

1. Apple has the best quality hardware
Apple is known for excellence in design and engineering. iPad screens are bright and perform well against direct sunlight and glare. The overall build quality is a step above other brands and this shows when it comes to reliability. We’ve never had any issues with our test iPads.

2. Software choice and quality
As the first modern tablet on the market, the iPad benefits from a great selection of apps. Compatibility across different iPads is another major selling point. When it comes time to upgrade to a newer iPad, most apps will transfer across.

Which model of iPad should I buy?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive from the 4WD community and it’s easy to understand why. Right now, Apple offers 8 models of iPads, not counting storage variations. (i.e. 64GB, 128GB)!

For 4WD GPS use, make sure you choose a Celluar+Wifi model (with the sim card tray). This model has an in build GPS, which is used by mapping apps to workout your location when offline. 

The iPad mini series with Celluar+Wifi option (has sim card tray) is ideal for 2 reasons...
1. Mounting a tablet in a 4WD is a balance between visibility and practicality. The iPad mini is small and light weight so it can be windscreen mounted. It’s screen is big enough to be practical without creating a massive blindspot for the driver.
2. It has a built in GPS receiver, essential for offline mapping and navigation.

Should a larger screen be your preference, make sure you choose the Cellular+Wifi option to get the benefit of an in built GPS. 

If you have a wifi model and you want to use your iPad for navigation, you will need to buy an external GPS receiver. 

In summary, iPads double as an outstanding 4WD GPS. We believe the iPad mini Cellular+Wifi is the ideal 4WD GPS because it offers the best balance between screen size and mounting flexibility. 


More on mounting iPads in your 4WD in the next email sequence.

AuthorLi Xia