Recently our team had the huge pleasure of exploring from Lake Eildon to Woods Point, doing some mapping and collecting photos and info for the MUDMAP Interactive Campsites. 

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Candlebark Camping area Lake Eildon

Candlebark Camping area Lake Eildon

We started out at the magnificent Lake Eildon. And were happy to see quite a few fellow 4WD enthusiasts roughing the rain and enjoying some good fishing and camping.   

Awesome campsites all round with stunning views of the Lake, great fire rings situated right next to the water and plenty of boat ramps to launch for keen fishos.  Was very calming, but we can see how it would get quite packed during peak camping times.  

Top Campsite: Skipworth Reserve

On our way up to Woods Point we came across a standout campsite definitely worth a special mention, Skipworth Reserve. With scenic camping and excellent facilities Skipworth ticks plenty of boxes, including newly built toilet blocks, new picnic tables and well maintained fire spots. Only downside is for those who prefer a more remote camping experience as it is off the main road, also this site can get quite busy during peak times.     

The Woods Point area offers some unreal 4WDing which was made even more challenging by the recent heavy winds. Winches came in handy, not for recovery, but for moving fallen trees from the tracks. With night falling we struggled to see anything as a heavy eery fog enveloped us. Luckily we made it to the Woods Point Pub in one piece.  And that's where the fun began...


- Carry a chain saw and winch to help with recovery and to remove fallen obstacles after heavy rain and winds.

- Invest in some good fog lights if driving at night as heavy fog is common in the area. 

Maria from MUDMAP getting muddy on the tracks around Woods Point

Maria from MUDMAP getting muddy on the tracks around Woods Point

Woods Point Commercial Hotel  

We were lucky enough to meet the amazing crew at the Commercial Hotel at Woods Point.  Box and Tania have been running the joint since 2010 and do the pub justice with good old fashioned hospitality. Box is not shy to step out from behind the bar and have a drink with you, and Tania cooks up a storm in the kitchen helping to prepare homely meals, that are very welcome after a long day hitting the tracks.  We had an awesome time with a 4WD club from Geelong, some of the most down to earth people we have met.  Cheers guys. Be sure to pop in and say G'day to Box and the gang if you are ever in the area.   And enjoy very reasonably priced drinks.  


All campsite data collected is available for offline use on Mud Map 2 4WD GPS App. Members of the community can add photos reviews and ratings to Campsites and Caravan Parks.   

Have you been 4WDing or dirt biking around Lake Eildon or  Woods Point? We would love to hear your experiences. Comment below:  

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Situated just 3 hours North West of Sydney, Barrington Tops is an explorer's paradise perfect for a weekend getaway or a longer escape. Once you have visited this mystical sub alpine terrain you will no-doubt return time and time again.  The park offers something for every enthusiast: 4WDing, swimming, fishing  bushwalking, star-gazing and barbecuing  A kaleidoscope of native wildlife species call this sanctuary their home.  Spectacular panoramic views can be experienced from one of the numerous lookouts in the area.  Best time to visit for 4WDing is from October to May, as most tracks tend to be closed from 1st of June to 30th September. 

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