With an all new iPad optimised interface and clever new features, Mud Map HD 3.5 makes 4WD navigation even better on the iPad. Download the free  update now from the App Store.

iPad OPTIMISED interface

The all new interface takes full advantage  of iPad's large display and puts features you use all the time right at your finger tips. A built in user manual is also included to help you you familiarize yourself with the new layout.

iPad retina display support

Version 3.5 make use of every one of those 3.1 million pixels on the new iPad's gorgeous  retina display. Maps look razor sharp and are rendered with amazing levels of detail, even while zoomed out.

Find tracks

The Find tracks feature let's you quickly search for a 4WD track or road by name, then get directions from where you are to it's location. Finding your destination has never been easier.

Online* maps and satellite imagery

The convenience of online* maps and Satellite imagery is integrated into Mud Map HD. While browsing maps, quickly switch to a online map or satellite image to see a different perspective.

*Requires 3G or Wifi connectivity and cannot be downloaded for offline use. iOS 5.0 supports Google Maps, iOS 6.0 supports Apple Maps. Birdseye™ 3D view is not supported.

Better management of map downloads

We've added a Select All / Select None option in the map download screen to help you quickly pick the maps you need. On top of this, you can now mark which of your maps can be downloaded by the app on mud-maps.com.

Tap to zoom

Pinch zooming is great for planning trips but it can be awkward to use while on the road. Now there's a simple tap to zoom feature that makes browsing maps even easier. Just Double Tap anywhere on the screen to zoom in, and 2 Finger Tap to zoom out. Easy!

Drag Pins

Dropping pins in the exactly location is easy thanks to this great new feature. Quickly and accurately place your pins in their exact location by dragging and dropping them on the map.

iOS 6 ready

Update to Apple's latest and greatest mobile OS without hesitation because Mud Map HD 3.5 is iOS 6.0 compatible.

User Manual

A quick start guide (QSG) in PDF format provides a handy overview of the app's new interface and features. Click here to download the QSG for offline use.

So what are you waiting for? Download the free update now from the App Store.

AuthorLi Xia