New Features

  • Get directions with Google maps now goes directly into the Google Maps app, rather than opening up google maps in the safari browser.

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where Enter coordinate or enter name fields does not hide when the keyboard is dismissed. 
  • Increased performance when displaying long tracks on raster map layers. 

We would like to thank you guys for giving us excellent feedback so we can improve Mud Map 2 for everyone.

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Map Data version: Australia - 04 April 2013

The first map update of THEMAP, Australia is available for free now. Follow these instructions to download the update.

1. Start Mud Map 2 on your iPad or iPhone.
2. Go to Menu > Maps > Download Maps.
3. Under "vector map" category, you should see THEMAP - Australia 04 May 2013.
4. Tap Options > Download. then following the on screen prompts to download the map update.

5. Once downloaded THEMAP can be used offline, no connectivity required.

Community Contributions

THEMAP is made by a community of 4WD enthuriests just like yourself. Thank you to all those individuals that contributed data in April. Thank you from all of us in the community. 

Join the mapping effort, click here to learn how to get involved.

5,570 new 4WD / Off-road vehicle Track segments

9,950 new Road segments

568 new Hiking trail segments

5,702 Campsites

710 Caravan Parks

Check out the BEFORE and AFTER shots for the Barrington Tops NP. A significant improvement has been made to POI information and tracks in the area. A big shout out to everyone that has contributed to map data this month. A special thank you to our good mate Nathan Van Der Meulen for all of his hard work and excellent contribution.

BEFORE: A section Barrington Tops NP before the update

AFTER: A section of Barrington Tops NP after the update

AFTER: A section of Barrington Tops NP after the update

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Mud Map 2 and Mud Map HD are two different apps with different map engines. Each map engine has different features and advantages. 

Mud Map HD uses SmartTOPO, based on NAVTEQ commercial grade data and has auto routing.

Mud Map 2 uses THEMAP, a map engine we have developed as part of a community mapping project. It allows community members to contribute data to THEMAP and allows for monthly map updates.

If Mud Map 2 was released as part of an update to Mud Map HD users, it would automatically replace SmartTOPO with THEMAP and force Mud Map HD users to loose their SmartTOPO license. This would not be good for Mud Map HD users that like using SmartTOPO. When purchasing Mud Map HD in the description it states that purchasing the app gives users access to SmartTOPO, so we do not feel it would be fair to take this access away from users and force them to use a totally different map engine.

We are no longer offering SmartTOPO to new customers, however we want to continue offering Mud Map HD customers the product they paid for. We have a number of free updates planned for Mud Map HD in the future. These updates include access to new maps, as well as the usual maintenance updates. 

Mud Map HD users choosing to also purchase Mud Map 2 can do so if they wish. This will allow them use to both apps and map engines. It will also allow for importing of existing maps and data between both apps. 

More info on Mud Map 2

More info on Mud Map 2

More info on The Project 

More info on The Project 

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Update (12 Dec 2013): Mud Map Android is now available from the Google Play Store

 Over the past 12 months, we've received an increasing number of requests for Mud Map on Android. Majority of the feedback focuses on why we don't have a 4WD GPS app for Android, the most popular mobile platform in the world. The numbers speak for themselves, 72% of smartphones sold in Q4 2012 are running Android. This undoubtedly presents an excellent opportunity for Mud Map to expand our GPS navigation app to the Android platform.  

The main reason in the delay of Mud Map in releasing an app for the Android platform lies in our core values as a company. At Mud Map we believe in challenging the status quo, and raising the bar. Everything we do, we do to the best of our abilities and we try to innovate with every opportunity. For the past 2 years, we have been working on exciting technologies that will revolutionise the way maps are made and used, how trips are planned and shared, and what we expect from our Off-road GPS. We believe these innovations will change the way we plan, navigate and share our adventures.

By focusing all our efforts on a single platform, our small team has been able to develop these awesome features to the highest standard. These features will first appear in the iOS app in 2013 and will provide customers with an even more user friendly, powerful and integrated experience.

Once these features are complete and working well on iOS, we plan to shift our focus to and create an Android App of the highest calibre. We did not want to release an Android App of a poor quality simply for the sake of trying to capture market share. When we do release an Android App,  we want it to live up to the standard the we have set for ourselves and that people expect from us.  We look forward to developing a Mud Map Android App that we can be proud of.   

Thank you for all the support.

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